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Groups FAQs

I go to church on Sunday morning, why do I need a life group too?

Church is about worshipping and learning together.  Life groups are about doing life together!  When you join a life group, you join a family.  This is the group that will pray with you, grow with you and check in on you.

What's the difference between a life group, study group and serving group

Our passion is that no one be alone at ABC, and we know that friendships are formed through time and ministry.  We know there isn’t a one size fits all for each person or family, so we’d love for you to find a group to get involved in.

Life groups are where life happens.  Small groups of 6-12 people meeting together to disucss the sermon in depth, share lives and pray for one another.

Study Groups are groups of men or women who meet regularly to dig deep into God’s Word and hold one another accountable to be in the Word regularly.

Serving Groups are ways to develop relationships together by serving the Lord.  These are areas where you may have a specific passion or talent. (ie. coffee, children, worshp, adults, teens, etc)

I'm really busy, what's the commitment and do I have to do all three?

Most of our groups run September through May, but there is no specific commitment.  If you find that a specific group or ministry isn’t for you, that’s okay!  Simply let the office or your leader know you’re no longer interested in this specific group.  Many people are part of all three groups, but there is no pressure for you to do all three.  We are all in diferent life stages and we know that sometimes, simply joining a life group is enough.

Life groups typically meet for 90 minutes once a week or every other week. Since these groups discuss the sermon, we strongly encourage church attendance or listenting to the sermon before attending.  Other than showing up, the only commitment is to pray and care for those in your group. 

Study groups typically meet weekly for 60-90 minutes and require that you study the material beging discussed before hand.  The out of group time commitment, varies from group to group depending on the material that they are studying.  

Serving groups vary from group to group. Most groups have opportunites for you to serve as frequently or infrequently as you’d like.  Some groups like AWANA and youth group have weekly commitments, while most Sunday morning groups (welcome, children’s ministry, worship, etc) have once a month commitment.  


I can only join one group, which should I join?

Join a life group!

Life groups are where you are going to make lasting and meaningful connections.  You’ll have opportunities to grow in Christ together and to serve and love each other. 


How can I join a Group?

You can sign up online or visit the Connect Center in the lobby, or contact the office. We have groups meeting most nights of the week and in many areas in our community. Look over the list of options. If a group that interests you meets at the church, just show up and try it out.

So I joined a group, now what?

After joining your group, look out for an email, phone call or text from your group leader with specific information on when and where the group is meeting and if it’s a serving ministry, this may include specific training or paperwork that you may need to complete before you serve.  


What if I'm thinking about leading a Life Group?

Fantastic! ABC does require that our Life Group leaders are members of ABC. If that’s the case for you, then stop by the Connect Center and start the training to lead. We will support you every step of the way with coaching and encouragement. For more specific info on what it takes to lead a life group, please reach out to Dan Grazier

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