Life Groups


Life Groups exist to connect people in Biblical community so that no one stands alone.  We believe anyone who attends our Sunday services should also be connected to a smaller group of believers.  We want to be a church where each individual is known, cared for and ministered to by a smaller group of believers who are not just going to church but are experiencing Biblical community.

For information:
· Call the office at 425-788-1311
Email us!


Why are Life Groups so important?
While God has blessed Avondale Bible Church with wonderful worship and teaching during our weekend services, it’s not the best way to develop meaningful, caring, life-changing friendships. We need an opportunity to develop friendships with other Christians where we can care for each other, share with each other, pray with each other and grow as believers or even seekers in a safe, loving environment. We hope and pray that everyone who regularly attends ABC will either join an existing group or start a new Life Group in the coming year.

How can I join a Life Group?
The easiest thing to do is to visit the Connect Center in the lobby, or contact the office. We have groups meeting most nights of the week and in many areas in our community. Look over the list of options. If a group that interests you meets at the church, just show up and try it out.

What if I'm thinking about leading a Life Group?
Fantastic! ABC does require that our Life Group leaders are members of ABC. If that’s the case for you, then stop by the Connect Center and start the training to lead. We will support you every step of the way with coaching and encouragement.