Make and Take

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Make and Take

The Christmas season is upon us and we would like to help you focus on the birth of our Savior by hosting this fun family fellowship event!  Bring your family to church Saturday December 12th, 1pm to 4pm so that YOU and YOUR FAMILY can make beautiful Christmas presents for your family, friends, and neighbors.


In order to make this event run smoothly, we are asking that everyone sign up BEFORE NOON, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6TH.   Please sign up after church in the lobby or online.  Of course, you are always welcome to come into church during the week to drop off your sign up sheet and payment.


Do I get to keep the items I make?



Can I make more than one?



Can I sign up for different crafts?



What if I'm not crafty?

Each project will be hosted by an experienced crafter to help you make a high quality gift that you're family will love.


What if I don't actually want to make the craft myself?  Can I just buy a finished craft?

Unfortunately, no.


Can my child participate?

YES!  We encourage entire families to come and participate together!  We require that all children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager.


What if I have a toddler?

Lucky for you, we will be providing toddler care.


Is this event teen friendly?

YES!  Luke and Kate will be helping make Marshmallow Shooters!


How much does this cost?

Each project is individually priced, several being free.  All time and labor is being donated.


What does the money go towards?

This money is to cover the cost only.


Should I prepay?

Yes, we are asking that everyone prepay for all of the crafts that they sign up for.


What if I have more questions?

Please contact Jan Erickson at 425/844-2496 or